Sunday, September 05, 2004

Getting it out there

I promised myself that I would publish my own, first blog in time for Fathers Day (here in Australia). It is my gift to myself: a place for me to express myself, publish some of my own work, that I care about: social and political issues (here in Australia and globally), fathers and fathering, writing, reading and the English language, and whatever else strikes my fancy about what's going on in this crazy world.

Here goes nothing...

This is about trying to open up some lines of communication with people about things that I care about, making sense of our world and thinking about how to make a difference.

I hope as I get more confident, and get into the practice of publishing my
thoughts and writing online regularly, that I will be able to develop some of my ideas and share this development with those who bother to read my blog and share their ideas with me.

And eventually, I want to get feedback from other people who also care about some of these things - even if you don't quite agree with me. But, I'm just starting, and I would like to get on my feet first in the world of blogging and the thrill of instant self-publishing, before I start to deal with your comments and the debate that will hopefully emerge.

till then, I hope you enjoy some of my words, and the ideas they try to convey.