Friday, September 22, 2006

Nuclear power is not the solution

I've collected my various blog posts and other pieces on uranium mining and against nuclear power here as an easy guide to why I think nuclear power is NOT the answer to global warming, including some broader posts that mention those issues. I've also included some links to key environmental campaigns against nuclear power and uranium mining here.

This post will act as sort of a 'bookmark', which readers can access via the campaign button on my sidebar.

My key motivation is to encourage other people to think critically about the issues around uranium mining in Australia and nuclear power. I hope you will do something, however small, to encourage others to take the view that nuclear power is not the answer to global warming.

I hope you find these useful:

Quarry and farm – 8 September 2006

Nuclear power will not let us off the hook – 16 August 2006

Drought-struck Australia cannot afford nuclear power – 13 August 2006

Peace/anti nukes rally on Sunday – 04 August 2006

Act now, so our children won't dread their future – 04 August 2006

Digging into nuclear power's myths – 26 July 2006

Leave it in the ground – 25 July 2006

The myth of nuclear power's greenhouse benefits – 15 June 2006

Secrecy and lies vs transparency and democracy – 30 April 2006

This is only a selection, of course. I hadn't realised until I started this exercise of pooling these posts here just how many times I've written on these issues. Fingers-crossed, if Technorati's search tool actually works when you want it to, you will find a lot of my previous posts on this if you use the keyword 'nuclear' to search using the Technorati search tool bar in the right sidebar.

Some environmental organisations running anti-nuclear campaigns have good resources on their websites:
Helen Caldicott has been a leading opponent of nuclear power and the uranium/nuclear mining-power-weapons industry for many years. Her latest book is Nuclear power is not the solution to global warming or anything else. A lot of her work is easily accessed online through her foundation's website.

You can also download the image I made to capture my anti-nuclear sentiments, 'A Nuclear Winter is no answer to Global Warming', and use it to spread the word, if you wish. I have a print of it on the wall in my cubicle at work. I just ask that you email me (or leave a comment) to tell me you've done so, and credit
me for that bit of 'agit-prop'. The post with that image is here. You can also download the 'button' I made from that image (see above) and put that on your website/blog, if you like.

There's lots of other things you can do. I hope you'd share some ideas with me, too.

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