Friday, March 10, 2006

The awe of discovery

Derek Miller at had this to say about science, which really caught my attention:
Even when [scientific researchers] are highly opinionated, those opinions come from trying to understand what they can about the universe, and frustration with those who would rather believe something than discover it.
I think that would apply to a lot of human inquiry, wouldn't it?

And while you're visiting the penmachine blog, check out Derek's post on why DVDs 'suck'. He has totally hit the nail on the head, and expressed well what I've been thinking.

Though I'm still somewhat awed with the quality of DVD to feel as jaded as he does, since we only got our player last Christmas, and now we can actually rent movies from the (not)-video store again! (they had already gotten rid of most of their videos, and won't get new-realeases on video!)


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