Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ghost in the machine

If you were one of those rare, diligent, regular readers of this blog and came across a mysterious post on the programme for the Melbourne Writers Festival, and how I hope to blog as much as possible from the Festival, that is because I had one of those unfathomable technical gliches of email, mobile technology and blogging that is the web. I've deleted it now.

I had originally posted that news from my mobile phone email account whilst on the road with my family to Hepburn Springs last Saturday (no, I wasn't driving) – hoping that the steps I'd put in place to enable email blogging via my phone would work. They didn't – most likely a Blogger issue, or the fact that I lost 3G reception minutes after sent that email...

Well, the post didn't surface when I checked on Saturday night, so I posted this
replacement. Little did I think that the original email post would finally filter through, FOUR days after I'd posted it!!! Ghosts, alright.

I just hope that this doesn't keep happening, and that I will be able to post reports from the Melbourne Writers Festival live via mobile phone emails. It would kind of defeat the purpose of 'live posts' if they took four days to publish, wouldn't it?

[Image by AndyArmstrong]



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