Monday, September 11, 2006

Reciprocity makes the blogosphere go round

I am finally a good comrade net citizen (comrade netizen?) because I've just updated my list of links – epecially to blogs – as you will see in the right column.

Whether it's laziness, procrastination, preoccupation or busy-ness, I've not kept my blogroll and other links up to date in a while. In fact, for a long time my blog-roll (more like a single sheet of toilet paper) barely went past the three to five original blogs I linked to when I first set up this blog two years ago. Aah, and girl with a movie camera - I have a soft spot for them because they were the first blogs I ever started reading regularly, and they certainly informed my understanding of blogs and blogging in those early days.

Well, my blogging and blog surfing has certainly come a long way since then, and so the links grow. In terms of net citizenry, I've finally included the blogs that I know of that have included my blog in their blog rolls. A big hats off to antipopper, who as far as I know was the first blogger to include to me in his links a while back. And I noticed not the last. Thank you if you've linked to me, and apologies for my tardy reciprocity.

But these
'linkers' are really listed here because I like reading their blogs, and I think other readers should visit them too... (I'm especially enjoying reading Barista and Sarsaparilla regularly, as you may have noticed from recent posts.)

That goes for the rest of the blogs and website I've included in my links lists. I hope I'll be making time to keep these lists growing. Enjoy. And let me know what I've missed.



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