Monday, July 02, 2007

Rainbow's end

Last Saturday, we drove through the end of a rainbow. My family and I were driving through light showers – on a sunny afternoon – from Hepburn Springs, and the rainbow was bright and colourful. What got us excited, though, was that we could actually see the rainbow's end. Both ends, actually!

Arcing ahead of and above us, the rainbow kept ahead of our car, with one foot in the pasture on our left, the other foot in one on the right of the road. Then as the road angled, it seemed as the end of the rainbow was right ahead of us.

This led to a bit of speculation over whether we would actually reach the rainbow's end, and what that would be like. My eldest son, who's six, wondered if the rainbow would smash into thousands of shards and pieces, like glass. He was tickled to think that a couple of sheep he saw frolicking (a rare enough sight!) in a field had gone crazy chasing the rainbow's end and smashed into it.

I thought we would never reach the rainbow – that the illusion would keep elusively ahead of us, hence the aphorism 'chasing rainbows'.

Much to our surprise, it seemed as though our car passed right through the end of the rainbow touching the road – and to our delight it happened again as the rainbow took shape ahead of us again. I have to say, it was a very exciting moment.

By the way, we were driving home from Hepburn Springs after visiting our friends Andrea and Liam, who had just had another baby, their third, three weeks ago – congratulations on the arrival of lovely little 'L' (a boy)! May you have many exciting rainbow days too!

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