Monday, August 20, 2007

Normal programming will resume shortly

If you're wondering where on earth I've been and why this blog has been quiet for so long, then I profusely apologise. (If you're not wondering, it's probably because the number of readers of this blog has plummeted – a factor not unrelated to the lack of blog activity – and you probably didn't notice anyway!)

I was very sick with the flu there for a while – I was away from work on more sick leave than I had taken the previous six months! I won't bore you with the details other than to say that I was bloody useless as I lay on the couch, or in bed, for three or four days, and the thought of dragging myself to the computer and connecting to the internet to share the distressing news was furthest from my mind. Besides which, the news leaked home that probably about a third of the nation was also suffering from the flu or colds, and so probably wasn't online to read about it anyway!

Unfortunately, the whole family has been sick, with the kids suffering bad colds and ear infections (and with my flu gone, I've now got the kids' cold!) and my poor partner having to keep the family and household running with little help from me – despite suffering her own cold! Thanks, love. You've been wonderful!

Well, I dragged myself back to work and a host of other pressing needs late last week, and now can steal the time to explain my absence here. I hope to make up for it in more posts and news in coming weeks, so stay tuned.

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At August 25, 2007 10:48 am, Anonymous dez said...

Hope you and the family feel better soon. :)


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