Thursday, February 21, 2008

A call out for fruit trees and orchards

Or rather, for blog posts on fruit trees and orchards. If you have a thing about these, and have blogged on them recently, or have an idea for a new post on fruit trees and orchards, you may be interested in the call for submissions for the new Festival of Trees. The guidelines, as posted by the host of this festival:

I’d like to try and adhere to a theme of fruit trees and orchards… but virtually anything that is even loosely connected to that theme is welcome! Gardening and growing, horticulture, heirloom fruits, food and recipes, environmental and conservation issues, folklore and mythology, travel, what have you!
I've been watching the Festival of Trees of-and-on for a while now, hoping to contribute a post on trees sometime, but now the theme of fruit trees and orchards has really inspired me so I'm taking up the challenge.

The Festival of Trees is a blog carnival (no, I don't know why they prefer 'festival' to 'carnival'), which they explain as "a monthly blog carnival for all things arboreal. Like other blog carnivals, the Festival of the Trees is a collection of links to blog posts and other spots on the web, hosted each month at a different blog."

So, get your pruning shears, fruit picking baskets, picnic baskets,
axes, bags of manure and compost – and stories, of course – out for this carnival. The deadline is 27 February 2008, and submission can be made via details in the first link above.

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