Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Manga Me

This is Manga Me. It is an image I created the other day using the great site Face Your Manga, where you can create an image of yourself from some template-like faces, features, colours and bits and pieces such as hair, glasses, clothes and eyes. It's a bit like using an Identikit.

I was inspired by a rash of Manga faces and avatars going around the Aussie blog-scene lately, and it's a bit of fun. Sophie Cunningham had a go, and Kirsty at Galaxy had a couple of goes, as it's not as easy as it first seems. Brisbane blogger Matthew Smith uses it for his Twitter profile.

Adelaide's Pavlov's Cat shares her (accidentally) younger and 'mature' manga versions, as well as her previous Simposonized self. A good reminder that this is not a new concept.

I'm using it as my current Twitter avatar.

It's not quite me, but the closest I could get. And, like Manga generally, it is spookily familiar, and yet somewhat idealized, verging on the ridiculous – a bit like the secret imaginary friend I never had.

As Kirsty at Galaxy pointed out to me, these make the perfect avatars for blogging and 'twittering': "It's you, but not so anyone could pick you out of a line-up".

Any other Manga-selves out there?

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