Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chickens and eggs

I wonder whether Orwell, for all his preoccupation with how many eggs his chickens were laying, had anything like John Cleese's gentle affection for his hens (watch the video clip)?

Of course, as I've heard from various backyard chook-keepers, how many eggs your chooks are laying per day is a big thing. It probably means the difference between a poached egg on toast and a quiche. And the difference between happy, contented hens and stressed or ill ones.

The tip-off for the video came via Cleese's Twitter feed (Camilla the hen is a bit of a star in Cleese's online efforts) and, of course, Orwell's diary has long progressed since I first blogged about it. The image, 'Sunrise Haiga 2000', is a creative Commons licensed Haiku digital art-work by monkeysox.

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At February 26, 2009 5:38 pm, Blogger genevieve said...

Holy shit! John Cleese is on Twitter? almost enticing enough to get me to follow, that is.

I will put in for your shave, BTW - will do it forthwith.

Captcha: Jectremi (Indeed.)

At March 02, 2009 9:52 am, Blogger Mark Lawrence said...

Hi Genevieve, You don't really have to subscribe to Twitter and 'follow' various Twitterers, or Twits, you could just follow them on the web occassionally. Clease is at

The difference with being 'into' twitter is getting immediately updated with what those you follow are saying and doing via the various 3rd party twitter apps etc. Or your phone etc.

Then again, do we really need to know what Clease's hens are doing the instant he tells us?

Captcha: fauter - yep, that's right.

At March 02, 2009 9:53 am, Blogger Mark Lawrence said...

Oh, yeah, thank you so much for sponsoring me for Shave for a Cure!


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