Friday, October 08, 2004

leunig on Saturday's elections

I'm angry that The Age caved in and has backed Howard's re-election at this Saturday's polls.

This is totally inconsistent with the opinions of the economic editor and contributors, who have been critical of both Howard and Latham's plans and handling of economic issues, so this bullshit about continuing under the strong economic leadership of Howard's government just does not ring true.

This is also so inconsistent with The Age's coverage of the other issues that the Howard government has been a bastard about: the treatment of refugees, lying to us about the weapons in Iraq, and then joining Bush's invasion, and using terrorism to justify the most disgusting human rights abuses: Guantanamo and more!

The Age editors: you have lost your honour, and my respect!

At the very least, Leunig's cartoon appeared in today's edition, and although I don't like Leunig usually, i agree with his sentiments today, and I've decided to post it here, as a slap in the face of both The Age editors and Howard's grey men.

And we worried about journalistic integrity, the Murdoch press, and whether The Age could keep up its identity and independence? HAH! I'm worried for ALL of us now!

Click on the image to get a clearer look and to read the text.


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