Sunday, October 31, 2004

A week is a long time

It has been over a week since I last posted a blog, but so much has happened. Whenever I think of posting, something intrudes on my time and my thoughts. So far:
  • My son turned FOUR on Monday. He is an amazing.
  • The day before that I found our cat, who had been missing for two days, around the side of the house. As it turned out, he had been bitten by a tiger snake, and we had to put him down. It was crushing, and I could summon too few words to express what I felt. It is also hard to explain the death of a pet to a four-year-old.
  • I've had a cold and been working on an etymology project for my writing and editing course. It guts me when I'm too busy being a student of writing and editing to be a writer and editor.
  • My son now has chicken pox. Ouch.
As you can image, I've been very busy, but I've also been spending a lot of time thinking about fathers and my own fathering. Possible because a number of things have really brought home the difficulties, pain and beauty of fathering: a birthday, the death of a pet, cutting the grass, and a major childhood illness. It could also come from the research and interviews I'm doing for an article on men who are very active and involved fathers. What are they, do you ask? Or, is there any other kind?

Well, these are some of the questions I've been trying to figure out, so when I have a better idea, I'll share it with you.

Oh, and I came across this pretty amazing blog/website. Jeremy of Antipixel is doing some amazing stuff in design, and has the kind of lovely way with words and images that I admire and enjoy. When I get around to scanning in more photographs, or getting my hands a digital camera, I hope to post some images here.


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