Friday, November 25, 2005

Singaporeans campaign for Nguyen Van Tuong

A lot has been made here in Melbourne of how 'barbaric' Singapore is to still have a death penalty, and much chest thumping and foot stomping about efforts to save Melbourne man Nguyen Tuong Van from the death penalty there, including my own.

However, there's been little coverage in the media that I follow here of the responses within Singapore to the death penalty and to Van's impending death sentence, other than reporting that the Singaporean government is determined to see it through, and have so far resisted all efforts to pursuade them otherwise.

So, I was somewhat surprised to come across a website for a Singaporean campaign against the death penalty in their country and for clemancy for those on death row, like Van Truong. See Clemency for Nguyen Tuong Van.

A very clever thing they're doing, besides the usual online petition, is to get Singaporeans to trace their hands and send them to Van as a message of solidarity with him. Many of these are being posted on a flickr site here. Check it out. And, save Nguyen Van Truong!!!


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