Monday, December 12, 2005

'White supremacists' involved in Sydney race riots - ABC news

While the today's ABC News Online report was titled 'White supremacists' involved in Sydney race riots' (12/12/2005), I think the report itself was pretty much about point scoring and finger pointing between the police and both sides of politics in NSW politics.

I don't think the main point is whether the police did or didn't act strongly enough.

I believe the main point is that after so many years under the Howard government, with its accompanying hysteria against Arab terrorists and assylum seekers, and the war in Iraq, the white racists feel confident and beligerent enough to get pumped up in the streets and not only bash Arabs but take on the cops as well.

More bad signs of a bad decade in Australian politics.

Keep tuned for more on this. It won't go away easily.


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