Thursday, March 30, 2006

Cyclone Glenda to hit West Australia

Karratha, in West Australia's Pilbara, is about to get hit by catergory 4 Cyclone Glenda today.

The danger, besides the 130–200 km-an-hour winds, will be from storm surges and a 10 meter tide, which threaten to flood parts of the town!

ABC radio in Northwest WA is streaming their coverage here. One of my favourites in their coverage so far is 'Why you shouldn't wait out a cyclone is the dunny'.

It is worth wondering whether we are noticing – and covering – these damaging cyclones more because we are increasingly noticing what's happening in other parts of Australia (especially far-flung regional areas, where cyclones are more commonly expected) or whether Hurrican Katrina's impact and the fear of climate change induced bad weather are on our minds...



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