Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Milestones: 200 photos and counting

These milestones usually pass me by, but I did notice this one – today I uploaded my 200th photo to my Flickr Photos site. A nice round number, and not a full-on one.

I have never been one to upload tons to the site, unlike some avid photographers. Since I started on flickr 1.5 years ago, my collection of photos has grown – slowly and steadily when I started, then shot up when I got my digital camera last year...

You won't see all 200 of them, as a majority are family shots, especially of my kids, that I have marked 'private' for family and friends to view. I still worry about protecting my family's privacy over the internet... Still, there's a fair few 'public' ones I'm noembarrasseded to share.

It is nice to notice these milestoneoccurringng around the same time that Flickr makes
big strides as well.



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