Monday, August 14, 2006

Labor attempt to delay land rights changes in Senate fail

This disturbing news is on ABC News Online:
A Federal Opposition move to delay proposed amendments to the Northern Territory Land Rights Act has been defeated in the Senate today.

Labor wanted controversial changes to the legislation delayed to allow more time for consultation with Indigenous people.

The changes include the provision of 99 year leases on Aboriginal land and a reduction in Land Council powers.

Consideration of the amendment Bill itself will proceed later tonight.
After the great win for assylum seekers today, this is a great kick in the teeth. It seems that the government members on the Senate are less concerned with the rights and livelihoods of Aboriginal Australians than it is inclined to defend the rights of assylum seekers (thought rightly so). Perhaps there are no Senate votes in Indigenous issues to be risked.

No matter the few success in getting around Howard, this government controlled Senate is the worst thing for us. For more on Howard's land grab, see here and here.

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