Sunday, September 02, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

If you're a father and you've bothered to read this on Sunday, Happy Father's Day! It probably means your Father's Day present also included being allowed to surf the net instead of beind dragged off to some bbq at your in-laws or your own parents, or some other similar do.

Perhaps you've spent the morning in bed with breakfast (will you ever get the croissant crumbs out of the sheets without washing them?), unwrapped some presents (boxer shorts or trunks?), and hopefully got to admire a lovely handmade card or hand-drawn picture by one or more of your chilren. I sincerely hope you enjoyed it, and have a great time the rest of the day.

Perhaps you're reading this later this week, or on Monday, as you catch up on your blog RSS feeds and such (thank you, if this means that I'm still in your blog feeds, or being read at all; I appreciate it!). If so, I hope Sunday was great, and this post brings back nice memories.

Me? I don't know how my Father's Day is going – yet. I'm cheating for this post, you see. I've just been posting to this blog and catching up on the blogs I haven't had a chance to read in ages (something I hardly ever, ever, do on a Saturday night. Think of it, I hardly ever comment or blog on the weekend, now do I? It's part of my new 'way too busy at work, so need to make time at home' blogging.) And now I find that it's after midnight, and I can post my Happy Father's Day greetings now, and so won't have to tear myself from the croissants (I know, I know, the crumbs, but I love them, and so does my eldest son, and at six-nearly-seven, he can manage preparing them for breakfast…), or the morning paper, the presents and card, the kids' squealing in my ear, and lazing in bed (I've been promised by she who knows best) just to post! (So, I expecting it to be good!)

Nor will I have to bother with the computer or intermenet the rest of Sunday! Neither should you, surely. Go back to chasing the kids around the sofa. Nothing to see here.


At September 02, 2007 6:17 pm, Blogger phil said...

My father's day present was to myself - an industrial grade hangover. Better than socks.


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