Friday, February 29, 2008

Gratuitous leap-year post

I could not let the fact that today's the 29th of February – our 'leap year day' – and I have to mark this day with a blog post, despite the fact I haven't got anything interesting of mine to share.

Still, I don't want to wait another four years to have this chance again. Happy leap year day! And to make it worth your visit, I'm sharing a bunch of links to mark the day:
  • here's this great photo I found on flickr; I had mixed reactions when I clicked on the photographer's profile: he's 19, and has only been into photography for a year and a half! I'm not sure whether to feel heartened or not
  • Aboriginal film maker, Warwick Thornton, won the Crystal Bear for the Best Short Film at this year's Berlin Film Festival, not that the Australian mainstream media paid much attention
  • the Rudd government today released a 55-page report card on its first 100 days in office. If you consider 5 pages for title and prelim pages, contents etc, that's averaging half a page per day in office. Hmm. What do you think?
As Peter Cundall says, that's your blooming lot for the week. And for February.

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