Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Typeface bingo

I'm not a 'designer' by a long shot, but I do a lot of desktop publishing for my living and have tried to keep up my knowledge of typefaces as a matter of course. Inspired by jebni's twitter update, I decided to take up the typeface challenge at Rather Difficult Font Game.

The idea is to identify 34 randomly selected typefaces. It is difficult. Thankfully it is multiple choice, so a lot of intelligent guesswork was involved. My score (25) was within the average score of 24 out of 34, out of 4418 attempts worldwide to date.

Fed [ ] TypeThe lesson of this little diversion is that I need to expand my use and familiarity with typefaces a little further, as it is so easy to get bogged down in using the same old fonts over and over again.

Have a go at the game, and tell me what you score.

[Image of artwork at Federation Square is mine.]

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