Thursday, March 13, 2008

37 bikes in the bike shed

Yesterday was Ride to School Day, where school children were encouraged to ride their bicycles to their schools (under their parents' supervision, in the case of youngsters) – instead of being driven there by their parents. Our eldest son's government school got in on the act.

He rode the bicycle he got from us for his birthday last year –
the whole two-and-half blocks to his school. It was his first time riding his bike to school, though he's probably ridden more than twice that distance for various neighbourhood outings. All the same, he was pleased as punch to be able to ride his 'BMX'. He was not so pleased at his mother's insistence at documenting the occasion with my camera (at my request). Hence this perfect back shot.

Not that taking an alternative to the car to get to school is novel to us. My eldest has walked the two-and-half blocks to and from school for the vast majority of his last two years of schooling. Unfortunately, this year's family travel arrangements have changed somewhat, but that's another story. It has made the bike ride an event, though.

In today's school newsletter, the Principal reported there were "37 bikes and 14 scooters in the bike shed yesterday," and that "This did make a difference to the traffic conditions in the immediate vicinity of the school." I wouldn't have hoped for less.

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