Thursday, May 08, 2008


It was Jamie's – my younger son – birthday last Friday – he turned two. That, in part, explains my silence here on the blog front. As does my sister's flying visit from Queensland over the weekend.

As you can guess, we had a lot of fun, and it did take us a while to get things back on track. A bit longer for the blogging to get back on track, but there you go. Life happens.

It is pretty astonishing to think that only two years ago I announced his birth here. How many parents of young children exclaim about how quickly time passes with young children, and how quickly they grow? On Tuesday, while I was caring for a cold-suffering Jamie at home, I witnessed another step in his remarkable growth: he saw a photo of himself with his brother on my desk, pointed at himself and said his own name – as clearly as any two-year-old boy can!

Self-recognition and being able to say his own name – repeatedly – within earshot of his own parents, that is. Wow.

My partner and I have found it so amazing to watch this little baby grow into toddler, and now into a little boy. He is loving and caring, and demands cuddles regularly – even in the middle of cooking. He also loves toys and books, as you can see from the photo of him unwrapping his presents on the morning of his birthday.

He enjoys books, trains, cars, balls and teddy bears, along with other soft toys and pretty much anything his big brother is playing with. He loves having books read to him, turning the pages and asking what everything is in the illustrations. He has his favourites – whether books or toys – but he is still happy to experience, play with or have read new things.

Jamie adores his big brother with a passion, and misses him when he's away. Despite the usual wrangling that comes with the 5-year age gap between the boys, and little things like incompatibility in the intricacies of games, toys, and other complex big-boy arcana, big brother Jacob, in turn, loves Jamie with a fierce but tender passion.

What a joy. Happy birthday, Jamie. We love you very much.

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At May 08, 2008 3:57 pm, Blogger Tim said...

A very happy birthday to Jamie! My youngest daughter is only a couple of months older than Jamie so I know exactly what you mean re the whole turning into a little person thing. It is stunning how quickly they change and develop minds of their own.


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