Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Long Walk 2005

Former AFL footballer Michael Long has initiated another Long walk to raise awareness of Indigenous issues in Australia. But this time, everyone can get involved and walk!

But, thankfully, it is only a 3 km walk in Carlton, Melbourne, and we won't have to retrace Michael's steps to Canberra!

The walk commemorates Michael Long's famous walk from Melbourne to Canberra in late 2004 to highlight the disadvantage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and where he secured a meeting with Prime Minister John Howard to discuss his concerns.

Lots of people expressed their support for Michael and those who walked with him to Canberra in 2004. I blogged on that walk last year. I remember it was quite exciting to follow Michael's progress through regional towns, and wondering whether he would get a meeting with Howard.

So far, the walk has attracted a lot of 'celebrities' – especially sports people and the odd politician. However, I do think that The Long Walk will allow all who are concerned to join in and express their support directly.

The walk will also raise money for Sir Douglas Nicholls Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership.

“This isn't about indigenous Australia and white Australia – this is about ALL Australia.”
Michael Long
Check out the website The Long Walk 2005 to learn more and to register for this Sunday's walk.


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