Friday, December 16, 2005

Anti-racist non-violent rally today in Melbourne

There will be a non-violent anti-racist rally this afternoon at the Bourke St Mall in Melbourne this afternoon, at 5pm. A text message has been doing the rounds here in Melbourne publicising this rally to show opposition to the racist violence that flared up in Sydney over the last week – with the white-racist-riots being the flashpoint last Sunday.

I got this text on Wednesday night, and many of my friends and colleagues have been getting it over day yesterday:
Can this text spread as well as the race riot ones did? Nonviolent protest against racist attacks Fri 16th 5pm Bourke St Mall. Spread this like wildfire.
I have to admit some trepidation when I first received this text: who is organising this rally? No names or organisations were associated with it. Who has been circulating this text? What chance is there of people hijacking this rally to fan racist/white-supremacist fear-mongering and hatred?

Thinking more on it, and considering who sent it to me, and who sent it to him, I decided to forward the text to a few of my friends. Many people, I think, who first received it would have responded similarly: to forward it to friends whom they believe would be sympathetic to the purpose of the rally – i.e. to be selective; like attracting like.

The fact that my colleagues got this text from their friends, and who they forwarded it to, supports my thoughts. And so it goes, the text moving on into the ether, much like this blog.

So, see you there, maybe. To show our opposition to racism and violence in Australia. Publically, and non-violently.


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