Monday, April 10, 2006

Birthday goodies


Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 36.

I was a little too busy to post to the blog yesterday, because we had a small barbeque to mark the occasion. It was our first bbq using our new (second hand) bbq, and our first in our new (well, we've been here a year so maybe not so new) home.

It was fun, but tiring. That's me on the right of the photo, about to blow out the candles on my birthday desert. My mate Liam's in the background. He gave me one of his prints as a present. Very nice. I wish I could fit it on my scanner so that I can share it with you...

In the morning, my partner, Shelley, and son, Jacob, gave me my presents: The Essential Rice Cookbook and some cologne. Both are very yummy!

So was my delicious chocolate birthday desert that Shelley made me!

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