Friday, May 26, 2006

Car crash

Car crash
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On our way from my son's school yesterday afternoon, we saw this aftermath of what must have been a very bad accident. This car had flipped on its side and ended up on the footpath at the very busy corner at the end of our street!

The not-so-funny thing is that my partner and I were talking about how dangerous that junction is just earlier in the day. We had heard that the Victorian government has earmarked funding for improvements on this bad junction (along with a number of others in our suburb) where accidents are frequent.

The problems at this junction are mainly speeding, drivers who run red lights, and poor visibility. And you wouldn't believe the number of drivers I've seen not stopping for pedestrians crossing the road, or using their mobile phones while driving!

It scares me because we wait at that corner for the lights to change on the pedestrian crossing each time we want to catch the tram! If...



At May 31, 2006 1:44 pm, Blogger Mark Lawrence said...

It has actually happened! (though in a different suburb.) A woman standing on a footpath, possibly waiting for a bus, was killed when a car climbed the curb and hit her. Another woman hit is critically injured. The Age news story is here.


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