Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy New Year of the Pig to all of you. I hope that this year brings you peace, happiness, good health, creativity and a rekindling of hope.

I've heard this year referred to as the 'Golden Pig' year, a reference not only to the 'element' – metal – associated with this year in the Chinese astrological calendar, but also its auspiciousness. It is meant to be a favourable year for having children (hence the image), amongst other things.

Last year, the Year of the Dog, was very good for me – our second child was born (!!), our family enjoyed relatively good health, my job was going okay, and although there were generally a number of challenges, bumps in the road, and surprises, life pretty much muddled on in a positive way.

This year will probably throw a few more surprises and challenges in my path – for all of us too, probably. Hopefully, I'll be able to face them with the creativity, intelligence and style that the Pig is reputed for. I wish the same for you.

[Image by laurenz]

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