Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Unexplained absences

I do have to apologise for being away from this blog for so long – much longer than I anticipated. It didn't help that after being unwell for so long, I had relapses (and new illnesses!) of various sorts, which meant having to catch up on a lot at work. This left very little time for blogging.

Then, I went to Adelaide for most of last week for work (our National Conference, and sorry, I can't say much more than that) – boy was I busy there! It was hard slog, and in no way like the gravy train. None of us had our snouts in the trough – unlike this great pig sculpture in Adelaide's Rundle Mall (above).

Needless to say, when I got back to Melbourne on the weekend, I preferred to spend my time catching up with my family (whom I missed terribly!) and getting thrown into the first days of school holidays, rather than boring you with the details here.

Over the weekend, my sister and her family were down from Brisbane for a couple of days on their way through to Tasmania for a holiday, and so we all trooped over to the zoo on Monday – as you can see. I have to say I'm glad to be back in Melbourne! And I hope that I'll be blogging a little more regularly, so remember to check back here again!

[Photos are by me and are published under a creative commons license]

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At September 30, 2007 11:40 am, Anonymous Helen said...

Welcome back Mark - I'm sorry to hear about you getting the dreaded flu. It's such a bind when you have children and life has to go on, somehow.

I was going to tag you with an animeme (via Chris Clarke and Tigtog), but then I thought you probably have a backlog of posts you wanted to get out but were too sick. So, consider yourself optionally tagged. (I haven't posted mine yet - still have to choose my taggees. Hate memes, actually!)


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