Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Swimming with the fishes…

I have to say that I had more than a flash of worry when I first heard the news that the Navy had just 'safely' detonated an old World War Two bomb found at Portsea pier. Perhaps it was the inkling of sheer terror! An inkling because ABC Radio News this morning described it as 'unexploded ordinance'. How benign, until what that meant sank in!

About two summers ago, I had gone snorkeling at that very Pier, with my partner and her brother. We went through an adventure tour company that operated in the Mornington Peninsular, and our guide/snorkeling instructor was a very able and knowledgeable young German man who was also training for his scuba instructor certificate through his company.

So, this morning I thought of us snorkeling amongst the weeds, fish, sea-dragons and other marine life that made Portsea pier home.

Alongside the old WW2 bomb.

The tour company also ran dive tours and training at that very same pier, a very popular diving and snorkeling spot in Victoria. I wonder if one of their crew found the bomb.

[The image is of the underside of the pier at Rye, a few miles from Portsea, but I'm using it to illustrate what Porsea was like from the water. Image by sachman75 (cc)]



At October 14, 2007 4:59 pm, Anonymous Helen said...

When they did the sweep which uncovered the second bomb, I was kind of hoping they'd find Harold Holt.

At October 16, 2007 11:10 pm, Blogger Mark Lawrence said...

That was what I thought when the last whale got beached in Victoria!

At October 18, 2007 8:53 pm, Anonymous Helen said...

Oh, so unkind.

And a teensy little Chinese sub. That would have been so exciting.


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