Sunday, October 02, 2005

Stuffing around with blogger

Yes, I've changed the look of this blog, though I doubt anyone will notice. I wanted a template with a lighter colour, to give a sense of whitespace, so I went with this one. What do you think of the green? It's not my favourite, but was a compromise. Maybe it will grow on me.

More troubling though, is that my blog was down for at least three days last week, and I couldn't figure out why. Only after trawling through the Help and 'known issues' functions of did I actually send a plea for help from the Help team. And got an automated response saying that they couldn't reply to every email they got and for me to trawl through the Help and Known Issues!

I can understand that they're busy, but it wasn't the most helpful response.

Anyway, it looks like I can view the blog ok now. If anyone else had trouble, please drop me a comment so that I can tell if it was an isolated incident. Or not.


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