Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Cruddy Ruddock and Sedition laws - all bad

I have too many reasons already to dislike Phillip Ruddock (Federal Attorney General), but the latest one to get my goat is that he is championing the Howard government's latest attack on our political freedoms in Australia: the Sedition laws.

news is that he is resisting pressure from even within his party's ranks, i.e. from Liberal Senators who either care about such issues as free expression (count them on a Simpson's hand?) or they're worried the backlash will see them lose their seats... (aah, we can dream, can't we?).

No, he's not a nice boy, as he's already made his name in the Immigration Minister messing up the lives of assylum seekers and refugees coming to Australia. Now he's going to make a mess of artists, political activists, journalists, and quite likely bloggers too.

Anyone who enjoys the right to free exprssion and wants to criticise this government for the bloody war it has got us into (May a pox fall on both their houses of governement!)
should express themselves as loundly as possible to oppose it!

For a really good primer on the proposed Sedition Laws and why they should be stopped, check out the Victorian Peace Network's


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