Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"We breathe it out and plants breathe it in"

RealClimate, a great collaborative blog by climate change scientists, have posted this report on a PR campaign by an industry lobby group trying to debunk climate change that is runing ads on US TV. (The ads can be also viewed online.)

One of their adds includes this breathtaking observation about CO2: "we breathe it out and plants breathe it in." It therefore surely can't be dangerous, goes their rationale.

Uhuh. A regular reader, David, had alerted me to the adds on earlier, but I was just too flabbergasted to post on it. Take a look, laugh, then worry about how idiotic and scheming the global warming sceptics are... Interestingly, RealClimate drew a parallel with the kind of PR stuff the tobacco industry ran.

This beaut graphic is also via Real Climate. I love it.

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