Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Remember: the 1967 Referendum and Sorry Day

Awaye!, ABC Radio National's Indigenous current affairs, arts and culture programme, is covering the 40th Anniversary of the Referendum in a special programme.

They've put a number of great resources on their programme website, including audio excerpts from and ABC documentary made and broadcast leading up to the 1967 Referendum.

I think the programme will be broadcast at 6 pm this Saturday 26 May, but the material is already on the website. Check it out.

Saturday 26 May is also Sorry Day, the day for us to remember how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children were removed from their families and placed into care by state authorities – with disastrous consequences for whom we now know as the Stolen Generations. It also kicks off Reconciliation Week. Find out about local Sorry Day–Reconciliation activities in your area on the Reconciliation Australia website.

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